Umento is an Internet of Things (IOT) company that delivers tangible business outcomes by inventing, designing and constructing innovative solutions. We offer IOT features that are easy to plug-in and works seamlessly across a variety of popular sensors, gateways and platforms in the market. We not only design, develop, implement and support smart products, connected applications and platforms but also leverage our consulting skills in building innovative business models, creating technology blueprints, selection of right ecosystem partners and complementary technologies such as AR/VR, ML to bring together the end to end solution delivering faster ROI for our customers.

Apart from striving to allow our customers get the highest yield from the connection of IOT methods, Umento offers the ability to replace specific components of the solution be it devices, gateways, cloud platforms at will providing highest degree of flexibility to our customers in their IOT journey. Lead by industry veterans, We have become a primary market player, adding value to startups (in consumer IOT Space) and also to mid and large size companies on their Industry 4.0 / Industrial Internet plans. Our experience of working with diversified partners from Eco-system gives us a unique edge to offer user-friendly structure of extensions and IOT features of various applications to our customers. 

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