Smart Automobile

IOT application across diverse projects and trans-formative scenarios is driving growth and development in the vehicle market. Various important entities such as manufacturers, fleet operators, civil administrators, end consumers want new opportunities and experience of 'connected' revolution. With a perfect mix of technology resources, know-how and proven track record, UMENTO offers a stack of plug-and-play components for companies in the automotive sector, entertainment and maintenance service providers that streamline development of scalable connected car applications/solutions and ensure smooth & secure integration between separate modules of the connected car within cloud environment.

  • Driving Experience
    Driving Experience
  • Data Analytics
    Data Analytics
  • Vehicle safety and life value
    Vehicle safety and life value
  • ​Sensor based fatigue alerts
  • Accurate GPS coordinates for passengers to ensure safety
  • Predicative analysis of all critical machine and engine parts before the drive for hassle free driving experience
  • Cloud based infotainment solutions
Cloud based infotainment solutions