A manufacturing unit witnesses huge data volume every day. The manual extraction and analysis of this data take days or even weeks. Moreover, the resources employed in this process incur an extra cost which is a burden on the manufacturing division.Through industrial automation or enablement of IOT, the machines are allowed to exchange such relevant information in real-time with minimal manual interference and take actions with a click of a button. UMENTO here serves as a control hub for such connected production facilities.With a broad variety of sensors, device gateways and knowledge of generic data treatment & cloud enablement we make sure that interoperability on all levels is possible and done with ease.

  • Production & Manufacturing
    Production & Manufacturing
  • Process and People Management
    Process and People Management
  • Smart Premise Management
    Smart Premise Management
  • ​Predictive and proactive maintenance to improve efficiency of equipment, plant, and machinery
  • Remote diagnosis of possible failure before it actually happens
  • Remote monitoring of production line
  • Robotics and automation to accelerate production and remove defects
  • Employ robotics to enhance the safety of the machinery
Employ robotics to enhance the safety of the machinery