Smart Logistics

The logistics industry is experiencing an immense growth in their operations. At the same time, it’s going through a critical and challenging phase. One needs to take care of every single process involved in freight management and logistics. If you are operating in this sector, you will know why distribution, production, transportation, and warehousing of goods are necessary. Losing track of shipments will wreak havoc on product deliveries, thus affecting your reputation to a great extent. Umento solves this problem by applying IOT and tracking all logistic phases, right from the source to the delivery point, using accurate, real-time and reliable visibility in your devices. We can help you monitor the status of parcels, assets, and people in real time throughout the value chain, measure asset performance and even automate processes to reduce manual interventions, improve quality and predictability thus lowering operational cost.

  • operational efficiency
    operational efficiency
  • safety & security
    safety & security
  • management & asset inventory
    management & asset inventory
  • ​Warehouse operation management.
  • Traffic and fleet management.
  • Resource and energy monitoring.
  • Connected production floor.
Connected production floor.