Smart Retail

The retail industry is passing through a challenging phase of shrinking margins and shopper attrition to e-commerce websites. Departmental stores and specialty retailers are looking for ways and means to gain more from their store operations and remain sustainable in the long run. One such way to get a competitive edge is the application of smart technology across many applications that are improving store operations, reducing theft, increasing purchases through cross-selling, enabling accurate inventory management, and most importantly enhancing the consumer’s shopping experience. Our retail solutions can be easily integrated with any retail management system in place and give you perfect solutions which enable these benefits.

  • Enhanced retail space aesthetics
    Enhanced retail space aesthetics
  • Smart Inventory management
    Smart Inventory management
  • mobile shopping
    mobile shopping
  • ​Run marketing promotions based on customer’s socio-economic preferences and buying history
  • Enhance Brand Awareness
  • Optimize store shelf with products based on analysis of shopper’s preferences and seasonal/industry trends
  • Deploy digital screen to run targeted content based on shopper’s proximity
  • Smart vending machines and in-store foot traffic counters
Smart vending machines and in-store foot traffic counters