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Smart Agricuture

UMENTO’s Smart Agriculture Solution opens up extremely productive ways to cultivate the soil and raise livestock with the use of cheap, easy-to-install sensors and an abundance of insightful data they offer to farmers and growers. Prospering on this prolific build-up of the Internet of Things in agriculture, smart farming applications are gaining ground with the promise to deliver 24/7 visibility into soil and crop health, machinery in use, storage conditions, animal behavior, and energy consumption level.

Smart City

The Smart City solutions powered by UMENTO‘s IoT Platform places specific emphasis on the efficient use of the road infrastructure, public service facilities, and intelligent buildings. Integrated with UMENTO, smart meters, sensors, and device gateways can be used for real-time monitoring of local and city-wide electrical power distribution, consumption of water, gas emissions, traffic load, and other city vitals. Oblivious waste of natural resources could finally be the thing of the past.At the same time,IOT enabled public transportation, waste disposal, and public safety solutions could set a new standard of comfortable urban living.

Smart Industry 4.0

UMENTO is an IoT platform which serves as a control hub for such connected production facilities. Being hardware- and transport-agnostic, UMENTO is easily integrated with a broad variety of sensors, controllers, machines, and device gateways, enabling many-to-many interoperability between them. Through this interoperability and unified data sharing, separate parts of the production line become more responsive and capable to instantly react to different events or change their configuration settings accordingly. Failure prediction and troubleshooting also become reliable and straightforward. On the application and data processing levels, UMENTO offers a rich feature set for cloud enablement and generic data treatment, which can be used to rapidly assemble end-to-end IoT applications for industrial systems automation, predictive maintenance, and remote monitoring.

Smart Home

UMENTO is an IOT middleware platform for managing, collecting, analyzing, and acting on every aspect of communications between connected devices.We offers a range of pluggable features that allow building killer apps for consumer products in days instead of weeks. Out of the box, UMENTO is compatible with virtually any modern consumer product or microchip such as Smart TVs, Smart home appliances, HVAC systems, wearables, and microcomputer boards. Taking advantage of highly programmable and feature-rich interoperability enabled by us, consumer IOT products will allow for hassle-free remote monitoring and control, event-driven operations, user context awareness, and even autonomous cross-device collaboration on specific tasks.

Smart Logistics

The UMENTO IOT Platform is a fast and reliable way to make it happen. Utilizing its production-ready components for IOT enablement, logistics providers can achieve high levels of operational efficiency regarding fleet management, cargo integrity monitoring, and automated warehousing operations. UMENTO offers a unified, hardware-agnostic IOT architecture for connecting all possible assets: sensors, items, containers, equipment, vehicles, and employees so that the entire logistics infrastructure can be tracked and managed as a consolidated business unit.

Smart Healthcare

UMENTO, as a leading IOT platform, allows OEMs and healthcare system integrators to establish cross-device connectivity and implement smart features into medical devices and related software systems. Healthcare companies, developing hardware or software products that have chosen to integrate with our functionality into their products were able to achieve IOT goals faster and at little expense. Consequently, these companies now have a vantage point that the IOT runner-ups are yet to claim. Fully addressing the mission-critical nature of the IOT in Healthcare and the need of enterprises for total control over their product’s lifecycle,Our features set translates into verifiable reliability, scalability, and full ownership of your UMENTO-powered solution.

Smart Ecosystem

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Smart Energy & Systems

UMENTO IOT Platform provides essential functional blocks which allows assembling of smart energy solutions with both speed and seamless interoperability. Various sensors, smart metering devices, controllers, smart energy monitors, and electrical grid assets can be, almost literally, plugged into the UMENTO cluster and managed in real-time over secure network connection. We are specifically designed to handle large scale deployments by ensuring mission-critical fault-tolerance and high availability during peak loads.
For the local-scale IOT smart energy deployments, UMENTO can be used as a master IOT platform for smart building solutions, smart home energy solutions, smart lighting systems, connected heating and air conditioning systems, and IOT smart meters implementation. Kaa provides open APIs for integration with a broad spectrum of possible hardware, and that’s why it is effectively utilized for complex “brownfield” system integrations and the IOT-over-legacy projects.

Smart Wearables

The UMENTO IOT Platform complements wearable technology with superb ready-to-use IOT functions and applications.We easily integrate with tiny microchips in wearable devices that enable instant interoperability, profile management, data collection, notifications, security, and other features. UMENTO also provides scalable backend functionality to ensure loss-free communication between wearable devices and to connect them with data analytics and visualization tools.

Smart Retail

UMENTO is the leading IOT platform that can enable benefits for retail companies and serve as an IOT backbone for numerous smart retail services and solutions. It allows you to quickly implement necessary applications for tracking goods with RFID tags, ensure items on-shelf availability, utilize Bluetooth beacons to provide customers with personalized mobile shopping experience, and set up digital signage in the store to attract visitors and help them navigate through your products, discounts, and loyalty programs. IOT retail solutions can help you ensure that your customers have thorough information on everything they might like in your store, and thus bring them closer to a buying decision.Featuring enterprise-grade security mechanisms, We also provide a safe choice for mobile payment solutions, mobile POS systems, and smart vending machines. Mobile payment applications built with UMENTO can be used with all modern mobile devices and easily integrated with a retail management system in place to enable automated items inventory processing.